Always be working!

A short story of how the real business working world is changing

Chris Stakutis   978 764 3488     September 2014   CTO

Business was always 8-to-5.  For thousands of years (even the pilgrims stopped at 5pm). But is that how it should be now? Is that how the best-run companies in the world (e.g. IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, on and on) are doing things?

NOT.   Read on.

My co-author and I wrote about this over 7 years ago. The business world is changing and it is turning into more 24 hours than ever before (365 btw), REGARDLESS of your capacity and contribution. If you’re not “always working”, well, then, in the new measurements, you’re not working.

Sounds harsh, but you win! We all win...all of us...the worker, the boss, the board, and the share holders. Why? Because you’re delivering a better widget than you ever had (you’re not wound up about your your daily backup shares or HR benefits or IT infrastructure -- commodities by definition now).

Your employees shouldn’t be driving 45 minutes, each way, to work, each day. That’s your time that you could have, and their pleasure to offer it.  Your employees should not be shutting off at 5pm on Friday, even if a holiday weekend, if you need their counsel. (In return...for probably a few short emails or texts...they get to see Joe’s soccer final at 4pm on a Thursday).

Every latitude you give your key employees (and right now that includes at least: engineers, management talent, HR execs, IT execs) will pay you back in spades.  In the new world, you’ll never ask your employee why he/she came in at 8:15am instead of 8 (you should ask why they came in at all--think about that)-- Maybe it was ballet rehearsal or time at the gym or even breakfast --- It doesn’t matter to you.

Focus.  What does matter to you is making your widget better.  That means hard work from your key employees and WITH your support. The rest is (as engineers would call it) “noise”.

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