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Making healthcare better through collaboration, innovation, and education

Michael Krieger   

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[Stakutis consults and helps Health Innovators. This a very quick introduction to the non-profit -- more details and contact info at the bottom.] 

Health Innovators helps accelerate health innovation through

collaboration and education. Currently, we have monthly meetings in

Greater Boston that focus on topics pertinent to health innovation,

such as mobile technology in healthcare, meaningful use, and

healthcare marketing.

Through accelerating health innovation, we can reduce costs and

improve the quality of healthcare. Therefore, our organization has a

good potential to improve the quality of people's lives throughout the world by enabling people to live healthier lives. When people are healthier, they can be more productive in their profession. Also, we can live more fulfilling lives with our loved ones as healthcare

innovation would hopefully reduce the amount of time that people have to spend in healthcare facilities.

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