Bessie, The Cow

A short story of, well, a cow

Chris Stakutis   978 764 3488     August 2014   CTO

I live in a semi-rural area that naturally has classic farms.

Some well engineered pathways lead through wooded areas and around wilting corn fields. One day, smack in the middle of the path was a cow.

A big cow -- think of an unbridled horse. Now, cows are generally harmless -- they dont eat meat (hence not humans either) and frankly could be out run by a turtle.  Nevertheless, a really large cow will give you pause.

I had a momentary need for companionship that day and figured I had nothing to lose by building a relationship with, well, a cow. Cows are just smart enough to occasionally stop eating and look at an approaching friend.  This one had a tag on and her name (oddly) is Bessie (can you imagine?).

Bessie stopped grazing for a brief moment and looked at me.  Her dark eyes were big and somewhat glazed.  Her tail was doing the normal swatting.  And her teeth were typical herbivore grinding teeth, not tearing teeth like a carnivore (I know this because I gently pried her mouth ajar -- I wont mention the odor).  You can see here-

Although she was ready to resume her grazing, I quietly said her name while stroking her extended ears as shown in the picture left.  Oddly, she tilted her head and continued to look at me and I’m sure she was thinking I was going to offer her a beverage or better grass -- but cows really dont think much I suppose.

No matter, we were now friends and with a bit of coaxing I got her to sit in the pile of dried grass clippings. (I must tell you that is no easy feat -- it took a lot more ear-rubs and a very deep discussion on the troubles of the financial market and the incessant brewing international threats).  Bessie understood, even though her language responses were simply absent.  

While Bessie might not be the smartest kitten in the litter, she sure was a good listener and eventually closed her eyes to dream about world peace and 401K plans and even better grass I suppose.  Quietly I slipped away, but felt solid that I had a positive effect on someone. Or a cow.

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