Learning a life

A short story of a life with a few challenges

David Boothe   (Independent)   October 2014  

Edited and Published by: Chris Stakutis 978 764 3488   Author/CTO www.concordsoftwareandexecutiveconsulting.com

I want someone to take care of my emotional needs. Not be taken for granted. Alas, treasured, wanted, and as importantly I want to give that all back.

I was born in 1965.  A normal life, or so I would think.

My parents met on an air force base in Germany. Those were romantic times and the country was beautiful. Each morning you could see the sun bring brightness, and well, life. The dew drops were clear and the ground was full of life.

You wake up each morning and smell the crispness in the air. The leaves slightly wilty and changing but still smell of the promise of life. Yes, there is change ahead, unavoidable, but you’re only choice is to embrace it. Life brings changes...and you only have so much control.  But you can control the outcome, when you try.

My parents did marry.  Sadly, that’s not the end of the story.

They were back in the states.  My dad was an aspiring dentist.  Because of various conditions, they decided to head to Mexico, via U-Haul. Have you been to Culiacan?  If not, well, it is an amazing city northwest in Mexico.  Country side is dotted in its heritage of indians and, well, snakes. The morning air smelled a bit like dirt, and a bit like excitement! You had to embrace the change.  

Times were good, but times changed.

In short, my mother found someone else, and later so too did my dad.  We move back to the states and I found a life, one that I prescribed finally.  It was, and is, a new life, and one I am navigating now.  At some point, you take control of your life, you move the pendulum. You.

Watching life is, well, watching.  Find someone that believes in your desires, your thoughts, and you might have the flavor of life.

The point of my story is partly: life changes; and partly you control some of it.  Embrace what you control and make it the important part -- because who else will?

Be treasured, wanted, and then...give it all back.

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