Learning Life at Thirty

A short story of tactically seeing life’s grandness

Ashley Sarro        (Teacher)                                  October 2014  

Edited and Published by: Chris Stakutis 978 764 3488   Author/CTO www.concordsoftwareandexecutiveconsulting.com

       Today I turned thirty.

The decade-crossing has been haunting me for weeks.  Silly me, I thought by thirty I would have everything figured out: the job, the husband, oh and the kids. What more could there be worthy of consideration? Things change, and I left the job and that has afforded me more time to ponder life.

Much of our world gravitates to thoughts of the negative or the troublesome shadows life casts on us. No doubt there are large challenges in life, and as I crossed into this new life-decade I’m seeing too that my tasks are growing and complexity seeps into the cracks in my life. There is no value, however, in feeding any energy into that realism. Instead, today is a day to celebrate life, my life, and what is truly important to me.

That list is long. I could talk about my two beautiful children and my adoring husband who has also been my best friend since high school (and rather attractive to boot!).  I could also talk about my parents who taught me to believe in myself or my wonderful brother who understands me in the way only a sibling can. I could even talk about my two entertaining cats who are fortunate to live with me in a splendid home. Or how wonderful it is that our weather changes when we least want it to.  

But I wont.

The exercise of considering all that I am thankful for (not including entering a new decade) and what truly is important caused me to think of both very grand concepts and very tiny modules that pepper those grand schemes.

I have a Masters degree in education. Such an accomplishment is indeed a “grand scheme” and has served me well. However, it was the creation of my own children that peppered, or sanitized, that grand scheme to allow me to cherish the value of (oddly) not working for a bit and spending that time with them.

I’m a believer in a higher power, for me, that is god -- a grand scheme and at times a partner in my life. Tangentially related, that relationship has allowed me to more fully appreciate all the wonderful people that surround me and taught this teacher some hard lessons, but filled with hugs and love -- coloring overall how it is that I see the world around me now.

Oh, and there are many downright practical elements that I can purpose as symbolic creature necessities.  Electricity.  Electricity is a grand scheme, but to me of great (and yes pedantic) value is the lowly washer and dryer that keeps my household in essential order. Grand schemes hued by practical value.

Sadly, there are some harsh grand schemes, like war. Necessary or not, war is a grand scheme that is present, but it is made real to us by the men and women in uniform who fight for our country everyday, and of course their families who are without them.

A more plain example is communication. Communication exists in countless forms around us yet the practicality of turning much of it into bits across a world network brought value to us never imagined.

At this point, like me, you are realizing that our lives are filled with grand schemes and yet it is the more tactical implementations that bring the value directly into our life. As you too increase in age, pay attention to the grand schemes and then find the prudent accelerators that give it value to you, to us.

Lastly, I am thankful for living another year. Yes, I thought 30 was going to be the death of me, but in all honesty I am lucky to be alive and experiencing grand schemes made real by all of us.

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