A short story of finding life again.

Lisa Ingemi   (Master Librarian & Linguist)   Edited and Published by: Chris Stakutis

978 764 3488     September 2014   Author/CTO

I need someone to see me walking into a room and be glad I'm with them.

You fall in love. You marry. For nearly a lifetime, perhaps 25 years.  And then?

It might end.

Maybe things change over time. Maybe your values and desires change as well.  But being needed and wanted doesn’t change.

If you watch nature, life seems to recycle (hopefully not like our trash). The good comes out again if you let it. Being married is incredible, doing it again? Incredible too. Let’s discuss.

You build your second marriage on different principles. Partly because you are older. Partly because you understand relationships. Now, it’s more about caring than anything else.

Caring. Pause, think about that.

You want someone to see you walk into the room and care.  You want someone that thinks you’re the world, not just the mother of their children. You want someone that sees that purple isn’t just a color, it’s a flavor.  

Think about that.

When you realize that life is about colors and flavors, you have realized life.

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