Mirror Mirror -- why are you reversed?

A short story about illusions

Chris Stakutis   978 764 3488     August 2014   CTO www.concordsoftwareandexecutiveconsulting.com

When you look into a mirror, you see an exact replication of yourself.  Or do you?

If you had a small mole under your left eye, when you looking at the reflection it looks like it is on the person’s (you) right side.  

We are all aware of what a mirror is, and how it works.

But ask yourself this question:  Why did it choose to “invert” left-to-right and not, say, top-to-bottom.  Why does it do this trick in a single preferred direction?

In fact, if you want to invert an image top/bottom, you have to use a lense (a bit more complex than a simple mirror reflection, right?)

Hard to reconcile.

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